21 Gun Salute Restaurant

21 Gun Salute restaurant

The Royal Dining Experiance



The name 21 Gun Salute is derived from a formal hierarchical system of Imperial Salute. The concept of the restaurant is based on prosperity & dignity of a Royal in the eyes of a Monarch. This was the highest form of Honour accorded only to 5 out of 555 princely states. Our restaurant aims at delivering quality services in an aristocratic ambience with the same Royal Honour. 

Our authentic fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant depicts the bygone era of the Maharajas & the glory of the aristocratic past. With the elaborate and wonderful architecture, 21 Guns Salute represents one of the most outstanding glimpse of the multi-faceted Indian culture. From Nawabi red stone craftsmanship to the elegance of 1920’s vintage cars of Memsahibs, this restaurant takes you down the memory lane. 

We offer a unique culinary experience for discerning palates with a wide-spread of multi-cuisine dishes and well-stocked bar, Mai-Khana. The menu also offers some of the best traditional recipes from the kitchen of the erstwhile Maharajas. Plan your visit as a ‘Royal Honour’ awaits you!




Founded in an effort to capture the regal heritage of the Royalties through the unique recipes that emerged in their respective Royal Dastarkhwan, 21 Gun Salute is one of the best restaurant in Gurgaon for speciality menu. The restaurant draws inspiration from the princely states of India that were ranked the highest in terms of honour. We are in fact the regal destination for an authentic amalgamation of royal delicacies, vintage charm and classy ambience.


21 Gun Salute



Harking back to the Days of the Raj, our fine dining restaurant offers a retro look and feel but our menu has a multi-cuisine approach along with our Royal specialities that we love to serve you.


OPENS - 11:00 AM


CLOSES - 12:00 Midnight

Location​ - SCO 35-36, 1st Floor, Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29, Gurugram
  Our team of kitchen experts spend most of their day sharpening their culinary skills while curating something special for you.
  Our service team is busy making your visit a memorable one with their impeccable serving proficiencies.
  Our Bar-tenders are trained in innovative mixology as they blend your preferred concoction to perfection.