Majesty is at the core of everything 21 Gun Salute Restaurant does.
Imperially Inspired!

Founded in an effort to capture the regal heritage, rich food tastes & unique recipes that emerged from the Royal Rasois, the 21 Gun Salute takes inspiration from the princely states of India that were thesis writing ranked the highest in terms of honor.
We are the regal destination of a new generation; where royal food, vintage charm, and classy ambiance seamlessly intersect.

The majestic menu.

A cursory glance at the menu card is just like a nostalgic trip to the bygone era. Our menu is a collection of independent, remarkable dishes from the royal rasoies whose only unifying characteristic is their glorious individuality. Each dish is hand-picked for its distinct character and personality, appealing to passionate food lovers seeking royal discovery.

Royally Yours

For those seeking a stately experience, 21 Gun Salute Restaurant is a place that creates “a royal aura” with its thoughtful regal choices, majestically-directed service, and vintage picks.

Enjoy the bygone era!

The vintage cars & bikes parked right next to the tables, the slow music, antique collectibles along with the tantalizing aromas and royal food at the 21 Gun Salute restaurant, Gurgaon transports you to the glorious past of the Maharajas and Monarchs of India.

Flavored with a pinch of vintage

A delight to discover and impossible to forget, each remarkable collectible at the restaurant is prized for its authenticity. The spacious restaurant with its Royal interiors and the classy ambiance reflects a unique blend of charismatic charm and old school style.

The distinct style of cooking

The 21 Gun Salute, royal dining restaurant offers dishes produced especially under the guidance of a food consultant from the Royal Raipur Gharana; that is famous for its rich curries, magnificent sauces, exotic herbs and exclusive spices. From marinated roast meats to mouth-watering kebabs, the restaurant’s multi-cuisine facility is as remarkable as its d├ęcor.

Choose to dine at the main restaurant or host an exclusive dinner in one of our private dining halls. These halls are ideally secluded & decked up with exclusive Vintage Wine shelves that add on to the exotic style.

Aristocratic Style

The artifacts like an old camera, gramophone, curved door frames and windows will definitely make you relate to the Royal past of India. The bar at the restaurant is a place to take pleasure in fantastic cocktails, carefully chosen wines, fine champagne and a great range of mocktails.

The art of royal cooking!

21 Gun Salute Restaurant stands as a royal, authentic and innovative pioneer of the hospitality industry. When you choose to dine at the 21 Gun Salute fine dining restaurant, you experience food that is backed by royal recipes, global expertise, and culinary excellence.

A Real Royal Retreat awaits you at the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant, where you will find the perfect mix of extraordinary food and classic hospitality.

There is something to please every palate!